About the skipper

Sailing Tasmania | The Skipper SailTas

SailTas is owned and operated by James Douglas. As your skipper James brings a wealth of experience gained in over 35 years as a competitive yachtsman, cruising skipper and more recently as a commercial yacht captain.

This practical experience is complemented by international ‘Yacht master’ certification and all necessary commercial licenses to operate a survey vessel in open waters in Australia.

James is not only a qualified AMSA Master 5 commercial ships captain, he also holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Design and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning.  After serving several decades in a career as a Town Planner and Project Manager throughout Australia, James has returned to his home State of Tasmania to pursue his life-long passion for  sailing the world-class cruising waters around Bruny Island.

James is supported by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic crew to ensure both your safety and enjoyment,  together they will share their insight and knowledge of sailing, the environment and the local history of the region cruised.

If you are thinking about purchasing a boat or want to get into sailing, we can provide you with all the advice and training you will need.