Twilight Sail Bruny Island

Photo credit: Takver

Trip Description

Sail to Barnes Bay on Bruny Island as the sea, sky and landscape transform with the shifting angle of the sun. See shadows lengthen across rock faces on the shoreline as they are gradually silhouetted against a golden sky. See clouds stretch across the infinite sky, aflame and glowing with every conceivable colour  and watch as the sea mirrors the changing sky.

The light during Tasmania’s long summer twilight hours provides the perfect opportunity to take some truly memorable photographs. Take the helm and participate in the excitement of sailing the vessel, or simply relax in comfort and enjoy the sumptuous scenery.

  • Twilight sail Bruny Island
    Twilight sail Bruny Island


A complimentary Tasmanian gourmet cheese platter and premium Tasmanian beverage

Departure time

Leave Kettering at 5:00 PM



Note: Morning cruises can also be arranged upon request