North Bruny Island Day Sail

Photo credit: UpSticksNGo Crew

Trip Description

Sail the D’Entrecasteaux Channel around north Bruny Island, typically stopping at some of the special bays and inlets the Island has to offer.  Dolphins, seals, and whales (in season) are often sighted, which along with the stunning scenery, compete for your attention.

The best route will be determined for the day’s conditions, although we will always find a sheltered bay to anchor in where you can enjoy a lunch of Tasmanian food and beverages and take the opportunity to swim or sight-see ashore.


On a day trip you can learn a little about how to sail and take the helm, man the winches and immerse yourself in the excitement of sailing the vessel. Alternately you can  just sit back and relax in comfort or swim at Nebraska beach.

  • Relaxing on the deck at Dennes point


  • Bruny Island from the water
    Coastline at Bruny Island.
  • A quick sail to Bruny Island
    A short distance to Bruny Island from Kettering


Food and beverages are included

Departure time

Leave Kettering at 10:00 AM