Sailing with Sailtas

Tasmanian waters contain some of the world’s best cruising grounds and the best way to begin is to sail in the sheltered waters of the D’entrecasteaux Channel. The scenic landscape, plentiful sheltered anchorages and the protection Bruny Island affords from ocean borne wind and swell make starting out from Kettering the perfect departure point for any sailing adventure.

If you are planning to join us for one of our cruises, you may wish to bring a camera and to consider the following information:


A temperate southerly latitude and Tasmania’s maritime climate means our seasons are relatively mild. The warmest months are December to March and with long summer days, these months provide the most comfortable sailing conditions. Autumn has still and sunny days and although May can still be sunny, the temperature drops quickly in the late afternoon. Winter is between June and August and the days are short and bracing. Spring is often windy and the occasional strong blow can continue into early December.

We only offer twilight cruises during the longer summertime days from October to March.

Extended sailing cruises to Port Davey and elsewhere are more likely to experience benign conditions from February to April and are therefore recommended during this period. The cruises we have outlined on our website are by no means the only options, however they are the most popular and include some of the more spectacular scenery.

Cruising to the conditions

Our yacht is equipped to handle all weather conditions and offers protection in the cockpit to keep you warm and dry as well as cool and shaded from the summer sun. While we operate our cruises throughout the year and sail in most weather conditions, we do not sail when there is an extreme weather alert.
Should bad weather be forecast which necessitates the cancellation of a trip, we will contact you the day before and a refund will be offered or, if you prefer we can reschedule your trip to another day. If we are on cruise for several days and the weather deteriorates, we will find a secure anchorage and wait until it is safe to continue. Guests are advised not to schedule a time critical event following a multi-day cruise in case weather delays our progress.


Relaxed and informal casual wear that allows you to move freely around the boat and flat soled, non-marking shoes are a must. In summer months, shorts and bathing costume should be included. Don’t forget sunglasses, hat and sunscreen as the sun is quite intense.

In the evening and in the cooler months, layering is the key to comfort in Tasmania, ideally several thin layers using polypropylene or merino wool under-layers. A close-fitting beanie will keep your head and ears warm. A breathable windproof jacket is essential. Gloves and thermal socks are great for chilly starts when out at sea.

On a full day sail we often take the opportunity to explore the beach. If you choose to go ashore you will be required to wear our lifejackets in the dingy and if you have trousers on, make sure you can roll them up to the knee, as you’ll need to wade in the water when stepping ashore.

If you are joining us overnight, take one soft bag including a change of clothes  any medications and toiletries. Bed linen and towels are supplied.

Water bottle

While we have bottled water, we attempt to minimise degradation of the environment by reducing the use of plastics where we can. If you can bring your own bottle we can refill it with fresh drinking water.

Special occasion catering

While our usual offering of locally sourced gourmet produce and a glass of premium Tasmanian wine or beer is provided on each cruise, we can cater for special occasions. We have established contacts with local operators of whisky distilleries, oyster farms, crayfish and regular fishing boats as well as our very own Kettering chocolatier. Talk to us about your own special catering and beverage needs and we will be happy to provide a quote for that special function.

If you’ve never sailed before

Relax and enjoy, we can do everything for you. You merely need to have non- slip soles and have one hand on the boat when moving around. We are happy to ‘show you the ropes’ and get you involved in sailing if you are interested. We can teach you all you need to know to get into sailing.

If you are worried about being sea sick

Sailing on a yacht gives a lot easier motion in the water in comparison to a motor vessel. In addition, there are no engine fumes and noise when we are sailing. For these reasons and because most of our cruises are within protected waterways,  sea sickness is not an issue for most people whilst sailing with us.
If sea sickness is an issue we have a number of effective techniques to minimise the risk of it occurring.
• We can supply natural ginger tablets’Travel Calm Ginger’ which are extremely effective without making you drowsy.
• We suggest you keep an eye on the horizon and avoid reading or studying phones and tablets for long periods.
• We suggest you stay on deck in the fresh air.
• We will invite you to get involved in the action and take part in sailing the vessel.

Young children

Children who cannot swim must wear a life jacket at all times. We need to know the age and size of any child as we have various child sized life jackets and  must ensure the best fit . Children should be at an age where they can move freely around the vessel, are capable of following rules and instructions and don’t intrude upon the enjoyment of others.

Toilets, Showers, Beds, Tables, Seats, BBQ, Sink, Oven, Fridge, Stovetop  and hot and cold water

Our yacht has all the conveniences you will be accustomed to, things just work a little differently.