SailTas Nova Commendation

SailTas is delighted to have received commendation for the Southern Stars of Tourism Nova Award. We were commended for providing a range of skippered sailing cruises and offering guests the opportunity to sail the vessel, fish, dive, surf and beach comb or simply to kick back and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the D’entrecasteaux Channel.


In harnessing the power of the wind, SailTas glides soundlessly across the water leaving only a light trail of wake behind. Cruising at a leisurely pace through marine and birdlife habitats SailTas guests are given the opportunity to see various species in their natural environment. Many guests are novices to sailing and genuinely enjoyed being introduced to the sport where their desire to learn more is ignited.


As a tourism venture in Kettering, SailTas offers an alternative to spending a day in the car and driving the length of Bruny Island. The company has formed associations with local food and wine businesses such as ‘Hughes and Hughes Wines’ and ‘Fed Up Foods’ who ensure guests are indulged with locally sourced fresh and gourmet produce and wines. SailTas has also formed strategic alliances with Kettering based accommodation providers such as Bruny Vista Cabin. The business has piqued the interest of sailing enthusiasts across the world, drawing visitors from Norway, The United States, China as well as mainland Australia, further promoting the Channel and Bruny Island as a holiday destination.