Bushwalking on Bruny Island

A sailor ashore at Coffs Harbour

Bruny Island contains a myriad of different bush walks with diverse flora and fauna and spectacular sea cliffs, white sandy beaches, forests and heathlands. Our yacht provides a wonderful base from which to enjoy these day and half day walks.

Sailtas can transport you and your party to the many remote locations, while avoiding the summertime queues for the Bruny Island Ferry which can absorb a large part of any day trip. You will be able to compliment the fantastic scenery which you will have time to enjoy on your bush walk with the comfort of a hot shower, sumptuous meal and a comfortable cabin at days end.

The following are a selection of some of the best walks which can be easily accessed from nearby anchorages.

Fluted Cape

This walk is accessed from an anchorage at the southern end of Adventure Bay. Fluted Cape comprises 272metre high dolerite sea cliffs providing striking scenery and breathtaking ocean views. The walk passes through Tasmanian Blue Gum forests and by beautiful organ pipe structures on the way to Grass Point. The walk is classified as medium/hard and is a circuit walk of 5.4 km and tales approximately 2.5 hours and includes a fairly steep incline.

Suitable for 2 or 3 day South Bruny Cruise.

Labillardiere Peninsula

Two walks are available, both start from an anchorage in Great Taylor Bay, South Bruny Island. You can either take the circuit track around the whole peninsula (which is 5 hours and includes a climb over 142 metre high Mount Bleak) or a shorter walk of around 5 km and 1.5 hours (grade Easy) which cuts across the middle of the peninsula and rejoins the main track.  The track takes you though woodlands with She-oaks, Banksia and Hakea and emerges into heathlands containing a wide variety of wild flowers such as Christmas Bells. The route affords many striking ocean views southward and north towards the Channel district.

Suitable for 2 or 3 day South Bruny Cruise.

Cape Queen Elizabeth

This walk is at the northern end of Adventure Bay and can be accessed from an anchorage at Moorina Bay which negates an inland hike to the track from Bruny Island Main Road and detour around Mars Bluff if the tide is high.  The walk is approximately 11 km., is medium grade and takes about 3 hours return. It offers a variety of features from open sclerophyll forest, a lagoon, beaches, large dunes, mutton bird rockery and fantastic views from the top of Cape Queen Elizabeth.